AI platform for non-beginners

Unlock English fluency through your content

Create your own learning space with  movies,  games,  YouTube videos,  books,  articles, or any content from your real life

You know better what you need

Learn the English you definitely need in real life, while other apps give the same content to their users
Build your own courses for your learning needs
Just give content to Subtlex and let AI do the rest
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Truly personalized content, because it’s yours

Learn English through content you already love
Movies/TV series
Upload subtitles for your favorite movie or TV series, learn 70–80% of the most common words that Subtlex gives you, and start watching them in English
Upload a gameplay video or a guide from any website for your favorite game, learn words by chapter of the game, and start playing in English
Upload an English book and read it with the AI-powered reader on Subtlex

How Subtlex teaches you English effectively

Learn English with the AI-powered approach and features
Move faster by learning the most common words in your content
Improve your vocabulary with a simple idea: the more popular words you know, the better you understand the entire text of your content

AI chooses words to study based on your current vocabulary level
The most common words learning process
Read any content like a book
Practice reading and tap on any word to find out its basic form, part of speech, definitions, translations, and more

AI highlights unknown and studied words in your content
AI-powered reading process
Do exercises to memorize words with spaced repetition
When you meet new words on Subtlex, add them to your own dictionary and memorize them through spaced repetition

Subtlex notifies you when it's time to study words
Reviewing words with spaced repetition

Who am I?

I'm Leven, a former corporate full-stack engineer, team lead, and now a solo developer of Subtlex

I love learning languages, and I was frustrated by all the language apps that are mainly aimed at beginners, where it's very difficult to reach any level above B1

They never let you explore vocabulary from a newly released movie like "Oppenheimer" (where you only understood about 10%, but want to improve that). They don't let you read your newly bought book in its original language and limit you to a restricted, copyright-bound catalog. They don't allow you to learn vocabulary from your favorite game, which I wanted to learn and then practice while playing "The Last of Us"

These frustrations led me to create Subtlex :)

I hope you'll enjoy my app, and I'd be happy to get any feedback, suggestions, or questions you might have