Modern tool with neural networks

Learn English used in your life, only what you need

Make your own learning space with movies, YouTube videos, books, articles or any text you want

You know better what you need

While other apps give the same content to their users, you can learn what you definitely need, because Subtlex is not just another English learning app (especially not a learning game), it's a tool for creating your own learning space
Make your own courses for your learning needs
There's one easy step to create a course with your content

Upload any trendy content you want

You can learn English by using any content on Subtlex, whether it's a book, a newly released movie, a game, an YouTube video or an article just published yesterday unlike other apps should buy rights or sign contracts to use any content on their platforms
Upload a book or subtitles of any movie or TV series
Just attach any file with a content
Paste a link of YouTube video or any article
Just upload the link of any website
Try out
any incredible idea
Just paste any text to study

Move faster by learning the most frequent words

That's the brand new way to learn English with a simple idea – the more popular words you know, the better you understand the entire text of your content
The most frequent words of your content
Neural network chooses words to study by using your current vocabulary level

Read any content as a book

That's the classic way to learn English, but there are some features – you can tap on any word and find out a data picked by neural network – the basic form of a word, its part of speech and possible definitions and something more
Read as a book
Neural network highlights unknown and studied words in your text

Do exercises to memorize effectively

And of course, when you meet new words on Subtlex, you can add them to your own dictionary and memorize them with spaced repetition – no words will be forgotten
Memorizing with Spaced Repetition
Subtlex notifies you when it's time to study words

Reach any advanced level you decide

Most apps are aimed at beginners and it's very hard to reach any level above B1 by using them, but you can reach an advanced level on Subtlex, because you choose content and how hard it is
Only you decide when and what to study

Who am I

I'm Leven, ex. a corporate full-stack engineer and a team lead, I love learning languages and using innovative approach to learn them. My dream is to create the best learning language app and give it to learners worldwide.

I'd be happy to get any your feedback, suggestions or questions.
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